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'Y' Type Strainers

This product is designed for remove foreign matter from pipe lines and provides protection for pumps, meters, valves, and other similar mechanical equipment, which is called as Strainer. "Y" Type Strainers are named after their shape and normally used for course filtration. But with large filtration area can be used with fine mesh also. The Strainer improves the clearance in the medium, and prolongs the life of valves; protect expensive pumps, meters and other equipments. It is suitable for water, Air, Gas, petroleum, steam and other fluids.

Features & Benefits :

  • Light weight.
  • Easy installation.
  • Optimum strength
  • Smooth finish
  • Large filtration area - increasing of the endurance

Applications :

  • Pump protection
  • Flow meter protection
  • Valve and regulator protection
  • Valve and regulator protection
  • Protection of steam traps
  • Instrumentation and ancillary piping item protection
  • Membranes, Analyzers, Instruments
  • Rak Din Filters & Strainers Protect:
  • Boilers, turbines, R.O. Plants
  • Diesel and marine engine, pumps
  • Flow meters, valves, compressors
  • Fuel & lubrication system, spray nozzles

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